About Us

GiG Realty began in 2010 to bring  real estate in line with today's expectations by adjusting the high commission charged by main stream Realtors.

We use big data to push past the outdated practices of traditional real estate brokers to provide an excellent service to both buyers and sellers at a fraction the cost. 


Over the last decade the Internet has changed many ways we do things. From listening to music to watching movies, and from paying taxes to banking. Online transactions are faster, cheaper to execute, more convenient and generally more secure. Residential real estate has also changed, unfortunately most Relators remains stuck in a high-cost business model that pre-dates the Internet and remains stubbornly resistant to change. Harnessed properly, technology can help a lot - already, nearly 90% of consumers looking for a home go to sites like Zillow or Google to find a new home. and eventually select the properties that best suit their needs.

This is how does GiG does it? We use data matching technology to match sellers and buyers of homes on Zillow, Trulia, Google, Facebook and more. We list your house on the local MLS and personally negotiate with agents who bring buyers. By doing that, we can reduce costs for all involved - GiG Realty can even cover both sides of the transaction with a total seller fee as low as 2%, instead of the 5-6% traditional REALTORS charge.

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